Art and craft in shaping children’s minds

It is an undeniable fact that art and craft play a major role in shaping human minds. Human beings’ minds are fastly moldable at a younger age compared to later. When wired in the right manner and at the right age, it gives rise to a brain with infinite potential. Art and craft are such amazing exercise that benefits our brain and minds in numerous ways. Research proves that art and craft activities help students to study better. 

  • When children perform art works they focus on completing it into a beautiful piece. This increases the concentration. 
  • When the focus is high they simultaneously tend to develop fine motor skills. Having fine motor skills will gift them good handwriting. 
  • Good artwork takes time and hard work. This will increase the patience levels of children.
  • Art develops a child into a better person who is good at self-expression and managing their feelings as they can express themselves freely while creating art.
  • The confidence and the self-esteem of the children increase when they receive admiration and appreciation for their art creations 
  • Art improves visualisation and planning as the child should imagine the result of the art that he/she is going to create 
  • While creating our brain secretes a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine helps our brain to create new neurons which help our brain to concentrate well and increases the learning capacity of the brain.

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