Craft from ‘The Kalpavriksha’

As per Indian Mythology Kalpavriksha (World Tree) emerged along with Kamadhenu (a divine cow that provides all needs) from the Samudra Manthan (churning of the ocean). Kalpavriksha is known for its divine power for granting any wishes that human beings seek.

  • The coconut trees are also called the Kalpavriksha. Surprising right? The coconut tree is called so because just like Kalpavriksha grants many wishes to humanity, coconut trees are known for the manifold gifts that they provide to this human world. From the leaves to the root all the parts of the coconut tree are useful in some way to humanity.
  • The coconut shell art is also one of the uses derived from the coconut tree. South India is one of the major sources of coconut shell art. Coconut shell art is quite famous as it is the best alternative for wood. Artists collect the coconut shells and make them undergo the process of sketching, cutting, sanding and buffing. Only after such a hardship, a beautiful art emerges out of a rough-looking coconut shell. 
  • It is a source of livelihood for the artists who make various types of crafts. Sometimes it is the only source of livelihood for artists who love this art form more than any other stuff. This coconut shell craft is a Kalpavriksha to the South Indian craftsmen, especially to the craftsmen of Tamil Nadu. It not only serves as food and other utilities but also serves as a source of income for the rural artists of Tamil Nadu.

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