Major source of livelihood-Seashell craft

  • Seashell is not only a form of art but also a source of livelihood for the people of coastal areas. Handmade crafts like jewellery, home decor, seashell mirror, lamps, photo frame, key chains, wall hangings, resin art etc., are made out of seashells. And these products have a good response in Indian markets as well as international markets.
  • This business with seashell is an additional source of income for the fishermen, sometimes it is the only source of income during the fishing ban periods and other periods of crisis. Seashell arts and crafts serve as an opportunity for the woman of coastal regions to become an entrepreneur. It helps them to work from home efficiently. It even provides the uneducated people a chance to earn for themselves.
  • Seashell craft is majorly found in coastal region. Specifically in areas like Kanyakumari, Mahabalipuram, Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu are famous for seashell craft. And this is the place of origination for a lot of seashell crafters.
  • We support such seashell crafters to have a better livelihood, by connecting them with our platform to provide them a wider scope of opportunity and encouragement.

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