Palm Leaf Story

  • Nature has bestowed us with an unending variety of gifts in the form of exotic species of trees, fruits & other by products.
  • Palm trees are basically found in arid lands, Due to its resistance in dry conditions and heat tolerance. Creating handicrafts using palm tree is not an art, it provides ample livelihood opportunities for communities living in rural hinterlands. Palm leaves are used to make many attractive products. Palm leaves are sun dried before crafting them into different products. Once they are dried, The mid rib is separated and the outer edges are split & separated.
  • Both young & matured palm leaves are used for making products
  • Younger Leaves are used for dying brighten colors and mature leaves are used for darken shade. Some leaves are untouched to retain the characteristic ivory color while other leaves are dyed to create colorful, assorted palm craft items. After the process of dying, the leaves are again dried under the sun and the desired products are made.
  • Several rural communities are involved in the art of making highly attractive & artistic items out of palm leaves.
  • Various Boxes, Baskets of different sizes Pen stand, Rattles, Trays etc. are made of palm leaf extracts.

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