The story of seashell craft

  • The journey of seashell from the sea to our home is quite an interesting one.
  • Seashells are the exoskeleton of sea creatures such as snails, oysters, clams etc., To put in a nutshell, seashells are the home of these creatures. But when they die they leave back their beautiful shells which reaches the shores of beach.
  • These seashells are carefully handpicked by the artisans of that locality to make craft out of it. There are several methods to clean this seashells. After cleaning it, they polish it to bring a glossy effect and to preserve it for a long time.
  • After this these seashells are made into various seashell craft. The artisans make various animal and bird figures out of seashells just by creatively using glue to stick them together.
  • Some turn this seashell into earrings, necklace, bracelets, bangles and other crafty products. They even sell the whole seashell after cleaning and polishing them. For example conch seashell.
  • These seashell craft is a source of income to the artisans of the coastal area of Tamil Nadu. We help these artisans to get a better reach and a better livelihood by creating a platform to connect with you.

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