Weaving Ravi Varma’s masterpiece

  • We all are well aware of the elegance and grace of Raja Ravi Varma's paintings. Every painting has its charm that will captivate any admirer who has a love for art. 
  • Imagine what if you can add the elegance of Varma’s painting to your daily life, by wearing it? 
  • Sounds impossible but the people of India made it possible. Meet Mr Gaurang Shah whose innovative thought made the nearly impossible combination of Ravi Varma’s masterpiece and handloom sarees possible.
  • Yes, Gaurang Shah,  A National award-winning designer and his team has done this incredible work of weaving thirty Ravi Varma’s masterpieces in handloom sarees. All the paintings are weaved in the pallu of the sarees and they are claimed to be the replica of the original work in all aspects of the art of painting. 
  • Gaurang has carefully gathered a handpicked team of natural dye artists from all over India for this special task. The team says that they have used more than six hundred shades of handpicked customised colours to recreate the masterpieces. The fascinating fact is that they have created some shades of yarns by themselves as there is not much shade variation available in normal yarns.
  • All these recreations are done on the kadhi sarees in jamdani weaves. Women in Ravi Varma’s paintings, Gods and Goddesses and stories are the three main themes that they have short-listed for recreating thirty pieces of sarees.
  • This collection was exhibited in Mumbai’s National Gallary of Modern Art, then it was exhibited in various important places in our country and finally, it was taken abroad to exhibit the pride and talent of India.

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