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Vijaya Ganapathi

Vijaya Ganapathi

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Seed Ganesha, an innovative and eco-friendly way to bring positive energy and greenery into your space. This unique product combines the sacredness of Lord Ganesha with the joy of nurturing plant life.

 Seed Ganesha is a beautifully crafted figurine of Lord Ganesha, made from natural clay and organic manure. It holds a special surprise within – a seed capsule that represents new beginnings and growth.  

With Seed Ganesha, not only do you invite the blessings of Lord Ganesha into your home or office, but you also embark on a rewarding gardening experience. The sustainable materials used in its creation ensure minimal impact on nature, making it a guilt-free choice.


Key Features:

- Handcrafted figurine of Lord Ganesha made from biodegradable materials.
- Seed capsule embedded within the figurine, representing new beginnings.
- Eco-friendly and sustainable design.
- Invokes positive energy, prosperity, and good fortune.
- Ideal as a gift or for personal and spiritual spaces.

 Embrace the divine blessings and embark on a gardening journey with Seed Ganesha. Nurture your dreams, cultivate greenery, and watch your aspirations blossom into reality. Start your journey towards a greener and more prosperous future today.

    Product Description:

    • Product name: Vijaya Ganapathi
    • Height: 10 inch
    • Width: 4.5 inch
    • Material: Clay
    • Volumetric weight: 1.5 kg (Aprox)


    So, Buy your Eco-friendly Seed Ganesha Murti now and contribute a bit to Nature! 

    Our Mission

    • Our Mission is the promise to promote eco-friendly behaviour by promoting clay idols and all the other related environment-friendly projects. This initiative will reduce the pollution caused by non-biodegradable materials. 
    • Idols listed on our site are Eco-Friendly and free from chemicals. We have to inculcate the perspective of patriotism, spirituality and environmental protection in our day to day life, practice them and carry them forward to the next generation.
    • So let us join hands together to celebrate an Eco-Friendly Seed Ganesha Chaturthi!
      Our Promise

      Your every purchase is a contribution to artisan's life and being eco-friendly. We donate a percentage of every product purchased to Artisan's welfare.

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      Brindha Saranraj
      Looks beautiful

      I am very much satisfied looks Soo cute..