Dastkar Shashktikaran Yojana

Mobilization of the beneficiaries shall be undertaken in the clusters which needs to be taken up for development. The Geographical identity of such clusters should be clearly mentioned and limited to a village in Rural Areas or a ward in the Municipal areas. In special cases a cluster may contain adjoining villages within a span or diameter of three kilometers. This activity shall include mobilizing the artisans into SHGs, thrift and credit, training of SHGs on various aspects of forming and running the community business enterprise. With introduction of economic reforms through liberalization, privatization and globalization, India has entered into a new era of economic development and therefore, Community Empowerment programme for handicrafts sector/ cooperative/ SHGs is a must to empower the artisans by making them active entrepreneurscum-primary stake holders of development and bringing them to a visible platform which will help enhance their operational efficiency and competitiveness to face the new challenges and make them viable and self-supporting economic entity. While undertaking mobilization, care should be taken to leverage upon the SHGs already formed under various programmes being implemented by Government. Only where it is not feasible to do so, new SHGs, federation etc., should be formed.

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