Largest Handicraft In The World

Kerela is the home town of the largest handicraft in the world. Wondering what the largest handicraft is? The people of Beypore in Kerala make wooden dhows (a kind of ship) with their hands! Sounds insane right?

  • Yes, they make Uru which is a dhow made of wood. These people are even more amazing in that they don't have any work plan, blueprint or sketches to make these Uru. All this blueprint stays in the mind of one person the maistry. He is the one who gives all the instructions to the daily workers to work on. He always keeps the blueprint a secret and it is only passed down to their generations. And during the process of building these boats, these people don’t use any heavy machinery. Instead, they use only carpentry tools.
  • This luxury dhow is one of the fancies that attracts Arab people. Many people from Qatar even the Qatari Royal family have purchased luxury dhow from Beypore. And the approximate cost of a luxury dhow cost several crores!

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