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Engine Stacker & Pull Along Toy (Non-toxic colour toys)

Engine Stacker & Pull Along Toy (Non-toxic colour toys)

Chemical-free Cruelty-free

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Sustainable product Non-sustainable product
Made from Wood Plastic & Metal
Time to degrade 2 months 500+ years


  • Introduce your little one to a world of fun and learning with the Engine Stacker & Pull Along Toy. This delightful toy offers endless hours of entertainment while promoting cognitive development and fine motor skills.
  • Crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, this toy features a vibrant and engaging design. The set includes a stackable engine with colorful wooden blocks that can be assembled in various combinations. Watch as your child explores their creativity and problem-solving skills while building their own unique train.
  • Made from non-toxic materials, this toy ensures a safe and healthy playtime experience for your little one. The non-toxic colors are vibrant and eye-catching, capturing your child's attention and stimulating their visual senses.
  • The pull-along feature adds an additional element of excitement and movement. As your child pulls the toy along, they develop their coordination and gross motor skills, encouraging physical activity and exploration.
  • The Engine Stacker & Pull Along Toy is not only entertaining but also educational. It enhances your child's cognitive abilities by promoting shape recognition, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness. It also fosters imagination and storytelling as they engage in pretend play scenarios with their train creation.
  • Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, this toy is designed to withstand the rigors of playtime. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting enjoyment and allows for easy cleanup after play.
  • Bring smiles to your child's face while ensuring their safety and development with the Engine Stacker & Pull Along Toy. Watch as they embark on imaginative adventures and experience the joy of hands-on learning.

Product Description:

  • Product name: Engine Stacker & Pull Along Toy (Non-toxic colour toys)
  • Height: 12 cm
  • Length : 13.5 cm
  • Width: 7.5 cm
  • Colour: Natural colors / Non-Toxic colors
  • Material: Wood
  • Maintenance: clean with a dry cloth
  • Net quantity: 1.00 count
  • Net weight: 265 g
Key Features:
  • Engine Stacker & Pull Along Toy for engaging playtime
  • Crafted with care and attention to detail
  • Vibrant design with stackable wooden blocks
  • Promotes cognitive development and fine motor skills
  • Made from non-toxic materials for safe play
  • Eye-catching colors stimulate visual senses
  • Pull-along feature encourages coordination and gross motor skills
  • Enhances shape recognition, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness
  • Fosters imagination and storytelling through pretend play
  • Durable construction for long-lasting enjoyment
  • Suitable for toddlers and preschoolers

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**Note : Please supervise children during playtime. Avoid submerging the toy in water or exposing it to extreme temperatures.**
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Customer Reviews

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Mrudhula Baalakrishnan
Awesome product

Great quality and retains child's attention for long... Much satisfied with the product... Good packaging and timely delivery