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Handcrafted wooden cow pull along toy (Channapatna / Non-toxic / Gifts)

Handcrafted wooden cow pull along toy (Channapatna / Non-toxic / Gifts)

Chemical-free Cruelty-free
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Made from Wood Plastic & Metal
Time to degrade 2 months 500+ years


  • Introducing our charming Handcrafted Wooden Cow Pull Along Toy – a delightful blend of craftsmanship, tradition, and childlike wonder. Lovingly made in the renowned Channapatna toy-making tradition, this toy is not only a source of endless entertainment but also a safe and non-toxic gift option for little ones.
  • Our skilled artisans use sustainable, high-quality wood sourced from responsibly managed forests to create each piece. The wood is carefully carved and shaped into the adorable form of a cow, capturing the essence of innocence and playfulness. The toy is then meticulously painted using non-toxic, child-safe colors, ensuring a worry-free playtime experience for both children and parents alike.
  • The Wooden Cow Pull Along Toy is designed with little hands in mind, featuring smooth edges and a lightweight construction. The pull-along cord is the perfect length for young ones to grasp and pull the toy along as they explore their surroundings. Watch as their eyes light up with joy as they see the cow "walking" alongside them, encouraging their imagination and promoting physical development.
  • This toy is not just an entertaining plaything but also an educational tool. It aids in the development of hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and spatial awareness as children interact with it during playtime. Moreover, it fosters creativity and storytelling as kids invent exciting adventures for their new wooden companion.
  • With its timeless design and heirloom quality, the Handcrafted Wooden Cow Pull Along Toy makes for a cherished gift that can be passed down through generations. It serves as a thoughtful present for birthdays, holidays, baby showers, or any special occasion, evoking a sense of nostalgia and tradition while embracing eco-friendly values.
  • By choosing this toy, you are not only gifting a meaningful plaything to a child but also supporting the preservation of the age-old Channapatna toy-making tradition and empowering local artisans.
  • Bring joy, safety, and tradition into the lives of your loved ones with our Handcrafted Wooden Cow Pull Along Toy. Watch as laughter and curiosity fill the room, and let the spirit of play thrive with this timeless and eco-conscious gift option.

Product Description:

  • Product name: Handcrafted wooden cow pull along toy (Channapatna / Non-toxic / Gifts)
  • Height: 10.5 cm
  • Width: 8.5 cm
  • Material: Wood
  • Maintenance: clean with a dry cloth
  • Net quantity: 1.00 count
  • Net weight: 130 g

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